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Beginners Course

Theoretical class:
• Introduction and assembly of the equipment
• Fundamentals of the wind direction and intensity, weather conditions
• Evaluation of the sailing zone “spot”
• Equipment security systems, harness and kite

Practice class on the water:
• Launching the kite, first flight, fly the kite to the side, wind window, discovering the power of the kite zone.
• Kite ejection practice
• Relaunching the kite from the water
• "Body Drag" (dragging the body on the water) with power and bodydrag upwind. These exercises are very important to get back to the board after it was lost, and to get used to the power zone.
• "Steady Pull" is the practice of flying the kite with short lines with your board on your feet, this is the first time that the three elements get together: Kite, Body, Board.

Clase Introducción
Intermediate Course
Curos Intermedio

This stage will take place in water

• Practice and improvement of techniques already learned
• "Water Start" first navigation with a power kite and long lines, back and forth
• Exercise self-rescue, and return to the beach with a broken kite or without wind, without external support
• Upwind: sail upwind to get back to the starting point, we will improve the position of the body and legs
• Transitions, such as turning to both sides
• Right of way rules during navigation
• Security

The courses have a duration of 4 Hs each and at the end an internationally recognized certified credential will be awarded by IKO certifying the level acquired in the course. Courses include full use of kite, lifevest, harness, helmet, lycra, wetsuits and booties. All equipmet is Waiman Hawaii 2011!!
Classes are customizable from 1 to 2 students.
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