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The courses are offered only from December 5th until April 5th.
Reservations can be made all year long.

Our school specializes in introductory and intermediate levels.

Learning is based on a teaching system designed by the IKO (international kiteboarding organization) which has the highest level of safety and quality teaching.

You will find all necessary information about our certified courses In our course section by Ramiro De Acevedo Ramos.

Located in the lagoon of Mar Chiquita, an ideal place to practice kiteboarding especially for people who are learning because of its safety contitions and consistantt wind direction and intinsity.

If you do not know Mar Chiquita see our Location page where you can find information about the location and specific directions on how to get there.

Do not miss this opportunity! Learn Kite in the stunning
lagoon of Mar Chiquita, natural reserve where you can also go
fishing for flounder, mackerel, croaker and other native varieties,
kayaking, hiking in nature, visit the paleontology museum and
observe numerous colonies of birds rest and feed there
during their migrations. Argentine Natural Heritage.
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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly by
phone or e-mail us using our Contact form.
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